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21 December 2010

Sometimes when you hear something really good, you just have to shout about it. So that's what I'm gonna do. Please watch Y Society's new track 'Don't Do It' then go out and buy it! I love this. enjoy...



11 December 2010

I've been updating some new shows for you on

WalTV Channel 1.

Welcome to WalTV Channel 1

A personal fave of mine is Pete Rock sampling, so if you like your TV funky - Tune in!


10 December 2010

Just seen this - check it out. Who says a turntable ain't an instrument??




30 November (part 2)

You don't hear from me for ages, then you get two updates in one day!

Just a personal (belated) shout out to my little nephew.

Lil' Luke Wallace, future DJ in the making.

Welcome to the world lil' Luke.


30 November 2010

Okay, so MAJOR apologies - no updates for months? What's that all about?

All I can say is that it's been a mad, busy few months, but never fear, I'm here.

Back for good.



30 April 2010

I've just got back from Spain and I've just heard about the sad, sad loss to the world of Hip-Hop - Guru has died, aged 48 from the evil that is Cancer.

I've spent hours listening to your Gang Starr/Streetsoul/Jazzmatazz projects - they will last forever and have featured on many of my mixes. Thank you for the music big man. RIP.

Guru, 1961-2010. Rip.

Respect the Architect.


2 April 2010

Hi folks, I've just been remixing some music. Have a listen to the new DJ CS Wallace production - 'Be Good'

DJ CS Wallace


28 March 2010

What a goal!!!

Ricardo Fuller, City's number Ten!

Well done Riccie lad. Superb goal that's now given us a THIRD season in the Premier League.


1st Feb 2010

It's been too long for an update but better late than never!

Have a look at my top albums of all time - recently updated.

Now go out and buy them!