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Latest News!!! (2008 Archive)

DJ CS Wallace NEWS!!!


16 December 2008


Wal's 'Solid Funk!' Mix, September 2008 - Download it NOW!!!

At last - a brand new mix

'Funk Sensations' - Enjoy


29 November 2008

...forgot to say that it's great news for everyone that Barack Obama won the election! I was in New York City for that - incredible atmosphere. Good luck Barack!


Barack to the Future - HOPE!!

27 November 2008

I've just come back from the States, so that's why you haven't had any new news/mixes/artwork recently. But the good news is that I'm now BACK! So pretty soon you'll be getting some fresh new music to listen to and a new photo album based on my latest travels. More stories about that coming up...


26 September 2008

Hi Folks, sorry it's been nearly a month since I've last updated - busy, busy, busy! But that's no excuse, so here you go - a brand new mix!

- 'Wal's Solid Funk!'

Wal's 'Solid Funk!' Mix, September 2008 - Download it NOW!!!

Full of some great old (and new) Funk Classics - It's as the name suggests, my kinda funk!




31 August 2008


Yes folks, it's about time I put out a new mix, so here you go - it's a quality mix of what my take on Northern Soul is. They're all great songs, so download, burn it, stick it on your iPod etc - just enjoy....Wal

DJ CS's Northern Soul

My Northern Soul


24 August (part 2)

Take a look at my 'Les Demoiselle's d'Avignon' page to see many new photos of it that I've recently put on - go on, you know you want to!


24 August 2008

Well, last weeks game was disappointing, BUT yesterdays game!!!!! Man, that was incredible - a 3-2 win over Aston Villa - our first home game in the Premier League, and it was a cracker. I'm still buzzing. The atmosphere was superb - well done all you Potters out there!


Tony is our king!

16 August 2008

It's finally here - The Mighty Potters first day in the Premier League!!

Roll on 3pm - I can't wait for kick off.

Bolton Wanderers vs Stoke City

Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn Stoke!!!!!

The Rip Roaring Potters!

11 August 2008

I woke up this morning to the sad, sad news that one of my heroes passed away yesterday - Isaac Hayes.

I can not express the pleasure that you've gave me over the years Ike.

RIP Big Man and many, many thanks.


Isaac Hayes - RIP

By The Time I Get To Phoenix (DJ CS Wallace re-edit)

2 Aug 2008


Download the new Mix 'Gimme Some MORE Sun' NOW!!!!

The second in the 'Sunshine Mix Series' -'s

Gimme Some MORE Sun!! Mix

It's more a mixed compilation thana full on 'In the Mix' Mix, if you know what I mean, but it's full of some geat tracks - old and new.



20 July 2008

Download the new Mix 'Gimme Some Sun' NOW!!!!

DJ CS presents

'Gimme Some Sun' Mix

Download NOW!!


Here's my latest mix for you to download and enjoy!

A new Mix Series - 'The \Sunshine Mix Series'

'It's a mix of some great tracks - going through Latin, Funk and Old Skool Hip Hop rarities. A classy mix, even if I do say so myself.

Enjoy. Wal.


19 July 2008

I've just updated a few pages over my website - check out my

'Les Demoiselles D'Avignon' update...

'Les Demoiselles D'Avignon' by CS Wallace


10 July 2008

hoice 2: A Collection of Classics

New Mix available for download


Choice 2 : A Collection of Classics


7 June 2008


God Made Me Funky Volume Three!!!

'God made me Funky'

Volume Four

A Mix


24 May 2008

Today I bring you a new Production that I've been working on - 'Be Good'

Be Good - Donwload it NOW!!!

So download it FREE of charge, give it to your mate as a present, put it on your iPod, just enjoy - and feedback to let me know what you think.


5 May 2008

We did it!!!!

Man, what a nervous afternoon down at the Britannia Stadium, but we got over the finishing line - and Stoke City FC are in the Premier League!!!!!!!!

Well done to the team, the Manager, and the Chairman in making mine, and many, many others dream come true.

...City are back, City are back...

The Rip Roaring Potters!

1 May 2008

Well, it's getting close now - the BIG match on Sunday - Stoke City FC vs Leicester City. We are so close to the promised land that is the Premier League - I can't think of much else - sleepless nights thinking of Liam Lawrence, Ricardo Fuller and the boys!!!

C'MON STOKE - I know you can do it!!

The Rip Roaring Potters!

25 April 2008


God Made Me Funky

Volume Three

God Made Me Funky Volume One recorded LIVE by DJ CS Wallace!

The third instalment of my 'God made me Funky' Mix series - enjoy!!


Download the Cover!!!



23 April 2008

I've recently arrived back from the fantastic city of Amsterdam. As usual, I've taken loads of photos, so click here to have a look at them!

...What a city!

20 April 2008

Well, we did it! The biggest match of the season and we played well and thoroughly deserved our 2-1 victory against fellow promotion rivals Bristol City. The atmosphere at the Britannia Stadium last night was fantastic! Only two more games to go and we could be joining the big boys of the Premiership. I can taste it.



Do it for me!

The Rip Roaring Potters!


20 March 2008


God Made Me Funky

Volume Two

God Made Me Funky Volume One recorded LIVE by DJ CS Wallace!


29 February 2008

Oh yes, here it is - a new series of mixes for your delectation...

God Made Me Funky

Volume One

God Made Me Funky Volume One recorded LIVE by DJ CS Wallace!


24 February 2008

I like it, I like it, I Li, Li, Li Like we goooooooo...

...City on top of the league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony is our king!
The Rip Roaring Potters!
Ricardo Fuller!
The Boys in 1972!


11 February 2008

After jetting back into England from Paris, I've updated my photography page, so check out what I've been up to...Paris!

Paris - click to view!


7 February 2008


Now Thats What I Call Proper Disco Mix!!! is proud to announce the new mix

'Now That's What I Call Proper Disco Vol 1'


Download the Cover


3 February 2008

Just to let you know that I'll be producing some new mixes over the next couple of weeks - I'm aiming to release my 'Now that's what I call proper disco Vol 1', a classicOld Skool Hip Hop mix and a Northern Soul mix. Lots to do. Laters


12 January 2008

Okay, well, Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, and to start the new year, we have a new mix! proudly presents the 'Let's get this year started right' Mix, recorded Live - it's a monster-jam of funky sensations that'll have you rockin' all night.

Download it NOW!!!

Enjoy. Wal.


10 May 2007 - I've just had a look at the stats for my site and I am, to say the least, overwhelmed - I've had over 1200 hits in the last 10 days!!! Wow. I can't believe it - a big thanks to everyone who's surfed my site across the world - let me know where you are and what you think about it - I'd love to hear from you. And THANKS again! Wal.

9 May 2007 - On a personal note, can I just say a massive 'Congrats' to G, my dad, who's turned the big 60 today - have a good one fella!! C U later!

8 May 2007 - Well, it wasn't meant to be. Stoke City didn't make it to the play-off's. We'll have to wait until next season, then we'll be in the running for promotion - I'm sure of it!!!!

5 May 2007 - A massive 'C'mon!!!' to my beloved Stoke City FC for tomorrow's last game of the season, away at QPR. Hopefully by tomorrow night the Mighty Potters will be sitting in the Championship Play-offs!

chilled out mixtape

6 April 2007 - It's here!!!

The new DJ CS mix'Chilled out and Funky'. It's got a new DJ CS Wallace remix of the classic Sly & The Family Stone's 'Remember Me' on it. Download the mix and the covers completely FREE NOW!!!!

28 March 2007 - I've just completed my downtempo (ish) mix - it'll soon be available as a FREE download. There's even a remix that I've just done of Sly & The Family Stone's 'Remember Me' on it - I've just got to sort the artwork out so that you'll be able to download the covers and make your own CD, but what a way to end www.'s first month online!!!!

21 March 2007 - Thanks to everyone who's fed back to me on my site recently. It's great to get good feedback!! Really, really appreciated. Just let me know if there's anything you'd like me to include - I've been asked if I could do a 'downtempo/chillout kind of mix, so keep your eyes (and ears) open for that soon. Just off now to sort some records out - Laters.

18 March 2007

What a day - a website AND a new production to add to the world - Man, this is a good day! Okay, I've finished it now, my latest production'You Believed'. Have a listen, download it, tell your friends, give it to your mum for Mothers Day, but please let me know what you think. Enjoy!!

18 March 2007 - The day I've been waiting for for 5 months - my website has now become active!!! Wahey - I'm online! is now up and running!!

17 March 2007 - Thanks to the lads yesterday for the trip to Cheltenham for the Gold Cup Day - didn't win much but great day out.

10 March 2007 - Started work on a new production - playing around with a few beats and great samples from one of the best songs ever - Executive Suite's 'You believed In Me'. As soon as I've finished it, you'll be able to listen and download it - all for FREE!!

28 February 2007 - Download my new 'Good Times' Mix. Filled with loads of classic tracks, it was just a mix I really enjoyed putting together. Tracklisting to follow.

good times mix

28 February 2007

Download my new 'Good Times' Mix. Filled with loads of classic tracks, it was just a mix I really enjoyed putting together. Tracklisting to follow.