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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas 2011!



18 October 2011

"It's not where you're's where you're at"

The Roses to reform!



9 October 2011

Apologies for the gap - been really busy and took some time for some R&R in Espana.

I'm back!


24 July 2011

Great documentary ALERT!

BBC Radio 6 - Legends of the Dance Floor: A Piece of Paradise

Paradise Garage

Enjoy all five hours of the Pardise Garage's second birthday party...but be quick, it's only going to be available for another six days.


23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011



21 July 2011

Just been updating my Favourite albums of all time - have a look and let me know what I'm missing!




Gil ScottHeron RIP




28 May 2011

I've just heard the news that one of my heroes, Gil Scott Heron sadly passed away yesterday in New York City. He was described by music writers as the 'Godfather of Rap' and the 'Black Bob Dylan'. To me, he just made some incredible music. Thanks Gil

Gil Scott Heron, 1949-2011 RIP will be missed. Wal



15 May 2011

Well, it wasn't meant to be. a 1-0 loss is no shame but we really never turned up. Still enjoyed the day though. Well done the lads for getting us there!



9 May 2011

Five days to go to the FA Cup Final!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hurry up ticket!)


28 April 2011

Just before the FA Cup Final tickets go on sale, enjoy our Semi-Final Performance again, and again, and again...



17 April 2011

A date that will stay etched in my mind for as long as I live -

Stoke City demolish Bolton 5-0 in the FA Cup Semi Final!

Stoke City are now in the FA Cup FINAL!!!!!!!!

Got back from Wembley last night and I'm still buzzing - you can't beat a 5-0 drubbing in a semi-final can you??

Well done the lads.

Arise, Sir Tony Pulis...



16 April 2011

Sorry for the delay folks, I've just got back from Budapest - what a city! Coming soon, a new photography exhibition for you all to see...


Budapest at night by CS Wallace, 2011.



22 February 2011

I've just come across this video of Nas talking last month about making music by taping music off the radio back in the day...

...takes me back to the hours I spent in my bedroom 'remixing' Mantronix's 'Who is it' on my Toshiba double tape deck (with high speed dubbing) Man, I wish I still had that tape. Cassettes and Mixtapes rock.




9 February 2011

Okay guys, check out this superb documentary, presented by Dmitri from Paris all about the Philly Sound. It's full of pure, pure Philly magic. Enjoy.




7 February 2011


Download 'Superfly' NOW!!

Details to follow...



29 January 2011

I'm listening to a lot of Damu's music at the moment and I've just come across this - thought you might like it. Great stuff tho.





1 January 2011

Holy Moly, another year's gone by.

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2011.




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