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Wal's A Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip

Wal's A Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip mix-FREE Download!

The latest in my Hip-Hop Masters series is a 90 minute mix of one of my favourite bands and rappers - A Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip. I've followed them since 'People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm' in 1990 - I played the hell out of that album. Still do. Love the music so much I even quoted a line from Bonita Applebum in my wedding speech. Anyway, have a listen, share, and enjoy, Wal.

PS. In case you're wondering, it was '38-24-37, you and me hun, we're a match made in heaven'.


ATCQ-Can I kick it?
Q-Tip-We fight/we love
ATCQ-Verses from the abstract
Q-Tip-A million times
ATCQ-Bonita Applebum (12" Boys-iBang re-dub)
ATCQ-Bonita Applebum
ATCQ-Oh my god
ATCQ-Description of a fool (Groove Armada's acoustic mix)
ATCQ-Push it along
ATCQ-Jam (Consequence remix)
ATCQ-Clap your hands
ATCQ-Ham 'n' eggs
Q-Tip-get involved
ATCQ-Electric Relaxation
Q-Tip-Life is better
ATCQ-Rap promoter
ATCQ-After hours
ATCQ-Luck of Lucien
ATCQ-1nce again (Bit Funk remix)
ATCQ-Go ahead in the rain
ATCQ-Description of a fool (Talkie version)

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