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In teh beginning there was Jack...and Jack had a groove.

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Music IS The Answer 3

Music IS The Answer 3-FREE Download!

The third mix of the 'Music IS The Answer' series. Full of soulful, jazzy, house music vibes - with a free download! Enjoy, Wal,May 2023.


Hallex M-Don't lose yourself (Laroue Future Afro Mix)
Farley Jackmaster Funk-Love can't turn around (Acapella)
Josh Milan-Heart and Mind (Honeycomb Vocal)
Josh Milan-Heart and Mind (Club Mix)
Nastic Groove-Over you
One51-Si Weka (Groove Junkies)
Wipe the Needle-Anything (WTN Mix) ft Miss Fly
Louie Vega-The star of a story (Vamp Star Dub)
Mizikman Edition-3D Galaxy
Leonid & Friends0Street Player (Dimitri Dubwize)
Leonid & Friends0Street Player (Dimitri Super Disco Blend)
Honeysweet-Last night
Walter G-Velvet touch (Original Mix)
Pevan Everett-How bad I want you (GU True Peakk Time)
Joezi & Enzo Siffredi-Star nights
Eddie Stockely-Miracle worker (Spen's Breakthrough Vocal Mix)
Tasha LaRae & Larry Espinosa-Something special
DJ Georgie Porgie-Love wins 2K23 (Georgie's House is a feeling)
Jill Scott-Love rains (Detroit Swindle)
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