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I'll House You Vol Four

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A mix of some great Soul Clap tracks...

Bad Rabbits-She's bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap remix)
DSTRYD-Between the DSTRYD (Moombathon_
Soul Clap-Love Light
Metronomy-Loving arm (Soul Clap's shake a leg mix)
CREEP-Days (Soul Clap remix)
Soul Clap-Sex in the kitchen
Soul Clap-Changed ft Ernesto
Soul Clap-Extravaganza
Soul Clap-Kissing game
Soul Clap-Trying to be cool (Soul Clap remix)
Laid Back-Bakerman (Soul Clap remix)
Laid Back-Cocaine cool
Soul Clap-Need your lovin ft Mel Blatt


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