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Ill Flows - Wal's Best of May and June 2020 Hip-Hop

ILL FLOWS-Wal's Best of May & June 2020 Hip-Hop-FREE Download!

There's been some great Hip-Hop released these past couple of horrific, turbulent months - and that turbulence shows through in some razor-sharp poetic flourishes, jazzy loops, amazing production with a consciousness and intelligence...#BlackLivesMatter

Here's Ill Flows - Wal's Best of May & June 2020 Hip-Hop.

 Apollo Brown & Ché Noir-1994
Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist-Scottie Beam
Odd Squad Family-Roll Up
Ka-The Eye of the Needle
Third Root-Passion of the Poets
Roccwell-Bringin' it Back
Jamo Gang-Walking With Lions
Kendrick lamar-Ghetto Boy ft Nipsey Hussle & 2Pac
Bishop Nehru-OurenergyIsAstral
Armand Hammer-Ramessess II
Public Enemy-2020
Run The Jewels-A few words for the firing squad (radiation)
Amerigo Gazaway-Indivisable
Knxwledge-imtryingamakeamovie ft Vodka
Preservation-Wan Chai
ETO-Nothin' Like You
Armand Hammer-Solarium
KOTA the Friend-Always
Bishop Nehru-All of my years
Apollo Brown & Ché Noir ft Black Thought-Hustle don't give
Preservation-Rose Royce ft Quelle Chris
Awful P & Conflikt-It was all so simple
Third Roor-Born to Rhyme
Jamo Gang-1st Time
Roccwell-Live life
Kendrick Lamr-Reminiscing ft Pusha T
Ka-Solitude of Enoch
Preservation-A scholar's rock
Odd Squad Family-Wanna be
Roccwell-Listen Up
Bishop Nehru-Life
Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist-Babies & Fools

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