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Ill Flows - Wal's Best of January 2020 Hip-Hop

Wal's Best of January 2020 Hip-Hop-FREE Download!

There's been some great Hip-Hop released this last month and I thought I'd put a mix together of some of my favourite tracks. Might even make a monthly series of this...... Here's Ill Flows - Wal's Best of January 2020 Hip-Hop.


 KOTA the Friend-forks
Sy Ari da Kid-Aria
Leaf Dog-For you
June Marx-Dragonborn
Chris Skillz & Zain-Dead Rose
Lojiii-Trippin (I like it)
Sy Ari da Kid-Didn't I
KOTA the Friend-Berlin
Uptown X.O.-The man
Mick Jenkins-Different Scales
Ovrcast-try again
Leaf Dog-Love is love
Ty Farris-Walk the earth
Chris Skillz & Zain-Pocket Change
All Hail Y.T.- & Tone Beatz-The Hanging Gardens
KOTA the Friend-Open on Sunday
Chris Skillz & Zain-Mas ft Ronnie Alpha
Sy Ari da Kid-Two parent household
Mick Jenkins-Carefree
Knwxledge-Do you
Ty Farris-One of One
Chris Skillz & Zain-Bruce Wayne
June Marx-Sail across seas
KOTA the Friend-Hero
Leaf Dog-Tryna keep
Westside Gunn-Summerslam '88
Uptown X.O.-Northwest Coastin
Sy Ari da Kid-Reap what you sow
Chris Skillz & Zain-Celestials
Leaf Dog-What you don't know
KOTA the Friend-She
All Hail Y.T. & Tone Beatz-Royal Flush
Sy Ari da Kid-Never write always right
June Marx-Stormcloak
Chris Skillz & Zain-Poltergeist
KOTA the Friend-Flu game
Leaf Dog-Time bandits
Sy Ari da Friend-Pioneer
Chris Skillz & Zain-Imagination
KOTA the Friend-Can't please everybody

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