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Evolutions 2

Evolutions 2 - FREE Download!

The second mix of the 'Evolutions' series, and it's a cracker. Personal faves are Ron Basejam, Black Knight's remix of Vanessa L. Smith, and a couple of classics from Lil Louis and Double Exposure. Enjoy, Wal, February 2022.  

Ron Basejam-The speak colour
Vanessa L. Smith-Lavendar smoke (Black Knight Remix)
Chuba Chiki-Jazz Improvisation (Marcus Raute Mix)
Ingram-DJ's delight (Mark Knight & Michael Gray Remix)
Hot Toddy-Positive Emotion
DJ Spen presents DJ G (UK) & Sammi (UK)-Feel the love (DJ Spen Re-edit)
Raffael Ciavolino-Deep flower
Fantastia-Free yourself (David Harness & Charles Spencer)
Lil Louis-Club lonely (Latin Groove Mix)
Kai & Kyle ft Gordon-Higher than high (Sean McCabe Remix)
Pad Beryll ft Toshi-Let me see (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Remix)
Dirty Two-Micke Petterson (Crackazat Remix)
Felipe Gordon-Breaking (Felipe Gordon Organ Dub)
Vanessa Jackson-Deeper (Carl H, CKP)
Peter Brown-Nobody else
Wez Whynt & Hannah Khemoh-Love shy (Extended Mix)
Double Exposure-My love is free (David Morales Mix)
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