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Dilla Time

Dilla Time-FREE Download!

Having finished Dan Charnas' excellent 'Dilla Time' book (go out and buy it!), I put together this mix full of the 'warm' sound of Dilla, my favourite, classic, Dilla sound. I did it for myself but as it sounds great, I thought I'd share it. Enjoy, Wal, May 2022.

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Front Street (Instrumental)
Front Street
Jay-Dee's lament (extended)
The look of love Part 2 (instrumental)
Sounds like love (instrumental)
Woohoo (Instrumental)
Brothers just don;t know
Who Smoked sunshine (instrumental)
Beej n Dem (instrumental)
Don't say a word (instrumental)
Don't say a word
Game day
You know we rockit!!!
Players (instrumental)
The apartment
Wait up
Can't you see
Black capricorn day
Kiss me on my neck
Feel like makin' love
Find a way (instrumental)
Find a way
Too much
Love it here
That shit

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