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A Night in Paradise (A-C)-FREE Download!

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A Night in Paradise (L) - FREE Download!

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A Night In Paradise (L)

A Night in Paradise (L) - FREE Download!

A while back posted 1,000 of the tracks that the late, great Larry Levan spun at the Paradise Garage, NYC from 1976-1987. I've been working through some of my favourites from there and are putting a mix series together of edits/re-edits/remixes of a few of them. This is one of the most conscious mix series I've probably ever done - and it may take some time but keep checking back as we work our way through the alphabet. This fifth mix covers artists L. Enjoy my version of 'A Night in Paradise (L)'. Also, below is the fantastic film 'Maestro' - well worth watching...Wal, November 2021.


Lace-Can't play around (Larry Levan)
Linda Clifford-Runaway love (Extended Rework Monster Groove Edit)
Linda Taylor-You and me just started
Loose Change-Straight from the heart (Extended Rework)
Laurice Hudson-Feel my love
L.A.X.-All my love (Francois K Mix) (J-Ski Extended Mix)
Love Club-Hot summer nights
Loleatta Holloway-Hit and run (Extended Rework Dr. Packer Edit)
Lucy Hawkins-Gotta get out of here
Logg-You've got that something
Lemelle-You got something special
Lenny Williams-You got me running (Re-construction Mix)
Level 3-Central line
Linda Evans-Don't you need
Liquid Liquid-Cavern
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam-I wonder if I take you home (Ft Full Force)
Logg-I know you will (Larry Levan)
L'amour-Let's make love tonight
Loleatta Holloway-Crash goes love (Blaster Mix)
Loleatta Hollway-So Sweet
Lenny Williams-Choosing you
Loose Joints-Is it all over my face (Original Lary LOevan Female Vocal Version)
Lamont Dozier-Going back to my roots
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