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CS Wallace's finest photography

Taken over the past six or seven years, and from all over the world, here you'll find a collection of some of my favourite and finest works of Photography...Click on an image for a larger, clearer picture.



CS Wallace's Barcelona, 2007




CS Wallace's Tioga Lake, California, 2008.




CS Wallace's Notre Dame, Paris, 2008.




CS Wallace's Collosseom, Rome, 2006.




CS Wallace's Death Valley, California, 2008.




CS Wallace's 'JC', Barcelona, 2007.




CS Wallace's Amsterdam, 2008.




CS wallace's Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois, 2008.




CS wallace's 'Love in the City', New York City, 2008.




CS Wallace's Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, 2008.




CS Wallace's 'Tunnel View to Half Dome', Yosemite National Park, California, 2008.




CS Wallace's 'Parc Guell', Barcelona, 2008.




CS wallace's 'Havana', 2004.




CS Wallace's 'Eiffel', Paris, 2008.




CS Wallace's Mammoth Lakes, California, 2008.
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