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Wal's Kerri Vs Louie

Wal's Kerri Vs Louie-FREE Download!

Let's just get this out there - I love these guys! I've followed both Kerri and Louie for decades now. So, I was just playing around with some tracks - Kerri Chandler on one deck and Louie Vega on the other, and it sounded pretty damn good. This mix was only originally meant for myself, but I think it's a beauty - so I'll share it with you. Enjoy, Wal, September 2022.  


Kerri Chandler-Rain
Louie Vega-Why we sing (LV Expansions NYC 21 years later) ft Kenny Bobien
Kerri Chandler-Won't go back ft Robert Owens
Louie Vega-I choose you (LV Chosen Dub)
Kerri Chandler-Yellow
Louie Vega-Get the funk with Josh Milan
Kerri Chandler-The good old days
Louie Vega-Light you up (LV Organ Mix)
Kerri Chandler-House is House
Louie Vega-I deserve to breathe (GU's CVO Chicago House Mix)
Kerri Chandler-Going home (To see my saviour)
Louie Vega-Heaven
Kerri Chandler-Heaven
Louie Vega-Just the way I like it (Dance Ritual Fuzion)
Kerri Chandler-Can't let go
Louie Vega-Music & Life (Josh Milan Remix)
Kerri Chandler-Coro (DJ Spen Kaoz reedit)
Louie Vega-My body
Kerri Chandler-Love and hate in a different time
Louie Vega-London Roots ft Johnny dangerous (Uhuru Remix)

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