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San Francisco, by CS Wallace, 2008.


This was my second time in 'The City', a place I hold very dear to my heart. It is one of the most picturesque, intruiguing and interesting cities to visit, making it one of the world's best!. It's compact, steep, funky, and very, very scenic. I urge you to go.

A great thing about the city is the number of different neighbourhoods that blend together to form a cohesive city. Five minutes from the Transamerica Pyramid is Chinatown, and just beyond is North Beach, the Italian area. The Marina, Pacific Heights, Embarcadero, Union Square, are just a few of the areas that are worth visiting.

...And I haven't even mentioned one of the most memorable sights in the world -

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge!

I can't wait to return..

Enjoy my San Francisco Photography Exhibition .



CS Wallace's 'Golden Gate Bridge', 2008.



CS Wallace's San Francisco, downtown, 2008.



CS Wallace's 'Pier14', 2008.



CS Wallace's 'Graffiti', 2008.



CS Wallace's 'Lombard Street', 2008.






CS Wallace's 'Emy', San Francisco, 2008.



CS Wallace's 'Cable Car', 2008



CS Wallace's 'Light on the GG', 2008.



CS Wallace's 'GG', 2008.



CS Wallace's 'Martin Luther KIng', San Francisco, 2008.



CS Wallace's 'Stop!'



CS Wallace's 'Las Vegas Airport', 2008.


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