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The Love Mix

The 'Love' Mix - Free Download!


Al Green – The Letter
Lenny Williams – Cause I Love You
Barry White – Walkin’ In the Rain
Stevie Wonder – I don’t know why I love you
Bobby Kline – Say something nice to me
Sly and the Family Stone – Everybody is a Star
Bonny Womack – Across 110th Street
Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up
Willie Kendrick – What’s that on your finger?
The James Walsh Gypsy Band – Cuz it’s you Girl
Jimmy Ruffin – Tell me what you want
Gil Scott Heron – I think I’ll call it morning
Bobby Humphrey – Baby don’t you know
Isaac Hayes – (If Loving you is wrong) I don’t want to be right
Marvin Gaye – You’re all I need to get by


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The 'Love' Mix - Free Download!