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Larry's Kinda Vibes 2

Larry's Kinda Vibes 2-FREE Download!

Here's me playing around and mixing with some classic tracks, edits and remixes that the genius Larry Levan could have been spinning back in the day again - Volume 2. An absolute legend and icon in the DJ world but someone I sadly never got to see play live. I would have loved to have seen him at his peak at the Paradise Garage on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Truly inspiring and amazing music. Below is the fantastic film 'Maestro' - well worth watching...Wal, May 2021.


Jocelyn Brown-Somebody else's guy (DJ CS Wallace edit)
Cheryl Lynn-Encore (Frankie Goes Deep Space Dub)
Jenny Briton-Bad Habit (imfromull)
Slave-Just a touch of love (Moplen Remix)
Gayle Adams-Love fever (SanFranDiscko Remix)
Teena Marie-I need your lovin (Fingerman Edit)
Komiko-Feel alright (Bonar Bradbury Edit)
Suzy Q-Get on up (Fingerman did it again edit)
80's Child ft Tony Johns-100%
Brenda Taylor-You can't have your cake and eat it too (DJ Pied Piper Edit)
Sharon Brown-I specialize in love (ET Edit)
The Whispers-The beat goes on (ADN edits)
Patti Labelle-Music is my life (Rework)
Chaka Khan-Clouds (Extended Conan Liquid Reel 2 Reel ReReRe-Edit)
Aretha Franklin-Jump to it (DJ CS Wallace Edit)
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