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Disco & House Sessions Vol 1- FREE Download!

Disco & House Sessions Vol 2 - FREE Download!





Disco & House Sessions Vol 2

Disco & House Sessions Vol 2-FREE Download!


France Gall- Ella Elle L'a (Folamour edit|)
World Premiere-Share the night (David Bull Retweak)
Latrece-I want to thank you (Dr Packer)
Touch-Love Hangover (Dimitri from Paris edit)
Amp Fiddler-So sweet (Louie Vega Amp Do It)
Spencer Morales-I need you lovin (Spen again dub)
Funkadelic-One nation under a groove (Timmy Regisford)
Mark Blair-84 King St
Emmaculate-Love is free (Terry Hunter's Free Club Mix)
Louie Vega-Love having you around (Louie Vega Mute Horn Dub)
LV-Music & Life (Ritual Piano dub)
Zepherin Saint-Skyy (Tribe vocal)
Jamie 326-Testify (Terrence Parker)
Disco Boogie Classics
Louie-Yemana (Jazzin Vibe mix)
The O'Jays-I love music(Dimitri from Paris)
Black Widow-House Is (Mike Dunn Blackball vocal mix)
LV-Time don't wait (Roots NYC mix)
Chuck roberts-In the beginning
Barbara Tucker-I get lifted (the unreleased mix)

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