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DJ CS Wallace - Block Party Volume 3

The DAISY Age: A tribute to De La/Tribe and the JB's.

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DLS – Impossible Intro
JB – Black Woman
Tribe – Push it Along
DLS – Plug Tunin’ (Last chance to comprehend)
JB – Jimbrowski
DLS – Big Brother Beat
Tribe – Ham n Eggs
JB – Straight Out the Jungle
Tribe – Electric Relaxation
DLS – Brain Washed Follower
DLS – This is a recording 4 living in a full time era (L.I.F.E.)
Tribe – Footprints
JB – What’s Going On?
DLS – Ghetto Thang
Tribe – I left my wallet in El Segundo
DLS – Buddy (Native Tongue Decision Version)
Tribe – Luck of Lucien
DLS – Eye Know
DLS – Say No Go
JB – Doin our own Dang
JB – Beyond this World
DLS – Me, Myself and I


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