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Liquid Love, a mix of smoking 70's soul and solid rare grooves-FREE Download!
Inside Your Soul 1 - FREE Download!
Wal's J Dilla The Instrumentals Mix-FREE Download!
Into the Sound of House 3 - FREE Download!
Disco & House Sessions Vol 2 - FREE Download!
Wal's Soulquarians Mix-FREE Download!
Wal's J Dilla:The Samples Mix-FREE DL!
Wal's J Dilla Mix-FREE Download!
Wal's MF DOOM Mix-FREE Download!
Clap Your Hands: A Journey through Soulful House 2018-FREE Download!
Nice & Slow - downtempo grooves - FREE Download!
Stepping Out Disco Style 2-FREE Download!
We Got the Funk. A mix of originals, re-edits and remixes. FREE, of course!

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Love Is The Message

Welcome - I set this site up to promote great music.  Music that I love.  I’ve DJ'd since 1988, I'm a Record Collector, Producer and Artist from Stoke- on-Trent, England.  I'm into Soulful, funky sounds - (Real) Hip-Hop, Disco, House, Funk, Soul, Latin, Edits, Drum and Bass, Northern Soul, Breaks, Electronic, plus lots of other genres, artists and DJ’s. I live and breathe funky tunes – basically, I’m passionate about quality music!

Here you’ll find a shed load of DJ mixes, plus my music productions/remixes – all available completely FREE. I’m not in this for the money, just for the love of music - and the burning desire to spread the word of the brand new, unsung, forgotten, rare and obscure, funky gems of songs that deserve to be heard by a wider audience. Enjoy, Wal. 

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2017:Wal's best of Soulful House-FREE Download!
Funktastic! 2-FREE Download!
Roller Rink grooves-FREE Download!
Jazzy Soulful House 5-FREE Download!
Music for the Mind, Body & Soul 5-FREE Download!
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